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Raised by a single mother, in a family of highly resourceful women who were both intelligent and hard-working, I have been taught to align myself as an artist through diligent focus and thorough concepts. 

My dear mother poured her time into my growth to ensure that I was rooted in advocacy, aware of my potential and limitless in my endeavors. This has shaped me as a woman, and as a designer who loves to push boundaries and create innovative work. I create in memory of her, and with plans to empower my family with the same positive input, stability, love and support.

My 12 years in the design industry have taught me about user compatibility, color theory, design thinking  and product showcases. I am trained as an analyst for user research, and love to create reports about user interest. As a Thinkful graduate, I have accomplished several projects in-line with wire framing stages, UX best practices, various design programs, B2B, product presentations and concept proposals. 

I look forward to bringing my creative eye, attention to detail, love for design and enthusiasm for art , advocacy and accessibility to your team/project in the near future. 


The Role of Design in Development



My design vision is to take intuitive, progressive interactive design and accessibility to the next level through creating fun, functional art with purpose.

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  • May 2020 – Current

    UI/UX Designer + Graphic Designer

    Astroblack, Miami

  • January 2008 – May 2020

    Creative Director & Senior Designer/ Engineer

    Art Era Media, Atlanta/Miami

  • January 2012 – March 2014

    Assistant Librarian / Digital Lead Technologist

    MIU of Art + Design, Miami

  • January 2009 – December 2011

    Web Developer + Brand Marketing Lead

    Civil Mics, South Eastern Region

  • January 2010 – March 2014

    Audio Production + Engineering Intern

    MIU of Art + Design, Miami


My creative interest in digital technology spans from my love for various types of art. I have pursued continued education in UI/UX to learn how to design for user/client needs and apply my empathic perspective into progressive design. I have experience working with teams for brainstorming, creating whiteboard concepts and drafting wireframes at varied levels. I have a passion for prototyping concepts and visual design. I am well versed in digital editing, and have an affinity for advocacy, intuitive/interactive design, and education.

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