UX Strategist | Multidisciplinary Artist | Digital Technologist

Design Perspective

My creative interest in digital technology spans from my love for various types of art. I have pursued continued education in UI/UX to learn how to design for user/client needs and apply my empathic perspective into progressive design.
I have experience working with teams for brainstorming, creating whiteboard concepts and drafting wireframes at varied levels. I have a passion for prototyping concepts and visual design. I am well versed in digital editing, and have an affinity for advocacy, intuitive/interactive design, and education.
In my approach to UX design, I prioritize a holistic and user-centric methodology that is grounded in empathy and thorough research. I firmly believe that understanding the end user is paramount to creating meaningful and impactful designs. To achieve this, I employ a blend of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including user interviews, surveys, and data analysis, to gain deep insights into user behaviors, needs, and pain points. These insights serve as the foundation for my iterative design process, where I create wireframes, prototypes, and conduct usability testing to ensure that the final product is intuitive, engaging, and aligned with user expectations.
Additionally, I actively collaborate with cross-functional teams, including developers and stakeholders, to foster a cohesive and streamlined design-to-implementation process. My methodology revolves around a commitment to continuous learning, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of delivering seamless and delightful user experiences.