Hi, I'm Nadia.

I am a UX Designer, multimedia artist& digital technologist. I love creating intuitive and efficient UI design.

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Hi, I'm Nadia.

I am a UX Designer, Multimedia artist & digital technologist. 

I love creating intuitive and efficient UI design. 

I am hooked on bold visuals and ensuring accessibility.

I thrive via creativity centered in advocacy.

I love to explore and validate user experiences.

Design Vision

My design vision is to take intuitive, progressive  design and accessibility to the next level through creating fun, functional art with purpose. With seamless transition between UI/UX design stages, from proposal to prototype, I seek to create designs that are universal and enhance the user experience.


Web Design

Expertise in layout design, Wordpress, Webflow, html, css and php, creative and corporate design and web formatting with accessibility focus. Centered in product performance, visibility and usability.

UX Design

Expertise in interaction design, wire-framing and prototyping. Focus in preparing files for project evolution with developers and skilled in teamwork with great efficiency and creative task execution. Expertise in formatting techniques for full custom development, as well as drag & drop builders and templated sites.

Visual Design

Expertise in formatting high quality and original logo designs with brand centric appeal. Skilled in print design and layout via varied creative formats. Trained in color theory, art philosophy and timely product delivery.

Collaborate + Create

Let us create the
shift that changes the
world; together.

I am currently open to remote design contracts , ui/ux opportunities, design commissions and digital research consultations.  

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