Great design is a journey through worlds of inspiration.

Inquisitive + Imaginative

As a creative, I have a deep passion for developing designs that are centered in fun functionality . I believe that each stage is integral to creating the best design and I devote myself to the design process from principles to prototyping. I am a researcher by nature, and enjoy finding creative solutions that simplify the user’s journey. I have been an inquisitive and imaginative thinker my entire life and UX design enables me to use my traits to assist others in the digital experience. I am a bold, creative and intuitive woman of the African diaspora and proudly use my ancestral gifts of style, forethought and purpose-driven vision for my designs.
Raised by a single mother, in a family of highly resourceful people, who were both intelligent and hard-working, I have been taught to align myself as an artist through diligent focus and thorough concepts. My dear mother poured her time into my growth to ensure that I was rooted in advocacy, aware of my potential and limitless in my endeavors. This has shaped me as a woman, and as a designer who loves to push boundaries and create innovative work. I create in memory of her, and with plans to empower my family with the same positive input.
My 12 years in the design industry have taught me about user compatibility, color theory, design thinking  and product showcases. I am trained as an analyst for user research, and love to create reports about user interest. As a Thinkful graduate, I have accomplished several projects in-line with wire framing stages, UX best practices, various design programs, B2B, product presentations and concept proposals.
I look forward to bringing my creative eye, articulate communication skill, attention to detail, love for design and enthusiasm for art , advocacy and accessibility to your team/project in the near future.